Internet Based Home Education


AHEd is an Internet based home educators action group with a focus on the defence and advancement of home education rights and liberties and of fair and equal treatment for all home educators.

Membership is free to those who agree to support its aims.



 Affirm that parents are responsible for the upbringing and education of their children and that this can be fulfilled outside the school system. Raise awareness of Home Education rights and freedoms and encourage independent, elective home-based learning outside the school system. Respond to current and proposed policies, legislation and consultations that potentially affect the rights and freedoms of families who choose home education.

The Education and Inspections bill section 94 puts all children of compulsory education age who are present in public during school hours at risk of being stopped, questioned and removed to a designated place when they have committed no crime. Excluded children will be confined to house arrest. Home educators fear their children will be similarly abducted or removed, given that current truancy procedures already involve them and cause them problems despite government promises to the contrary.